Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines in Bath

I hope you all had a lovely Valentines day! I always enjoy the extra reason to make cards for friends and family and do something fun with my man. This year was especially sweet for me, not only was it my first a married Valentines (which in my opinion, is worlds more fun) but Kurt and I went on an adventure. Early Monday morning we left the city for a two day getaway to Bath. What a beautiful place! The town is surrounded by rolling green hills and River Avon twists through it. We did some touristy things - the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey and the Jane Austen Centre - but mostly we just wandered, ate French pastries/desserts (Mille Feuille is incredible) and enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle of London. It was so refreshing!

We climbed 212 steps to the top of Bath Abbey
Our favorite discovery was Patisserie Valerie.
The massive Crescent
Now we have Easter to look forward to (unless you're a big St. Patty's observer). Growing up my family, although Christian, never put much emphasis on Easter. In recent years though, the celebration of Easter has meant more to me. Without the resurrection, Christianity would mean nothing. And boy am I thankful for a Savior.

I'm curious, do you observe Lent? I never have, but am considering it this year. As my sweet former housemate said on her blog recently, "I want to give up an unnecessary thing that I have come to believe is necessary. Something I turn to for comfort, entertainment or solace instead of turning to God." So if you do observe it, I'm curious how it's helped you.

Michaela Rae


  1. SO much fun! It looks lovely! I love the picture of you perspective to the building and makes it more than just a "picture of a building."
    The sweets look AMAZING. Ahhh, I can't wait to travel one day! :D
    As I was reading this post, I was sad that I didn't send you a valentine's day card! I have been bad about writing...:(

  2. That patisserie looks amazing indeed! We've done Lenten readings in the past--I hope we can do them again this year. It definitely helps to focus on the season.

  3. This is my first hardcore Anglican Lent so I'm excited but a bit nervous. We should talk about it sometime! I think a year of being at St. Matt's has given me a strong appreciation for this solemn time of the year. I've actually been looking forward to it in the sense that I finally see how much I need it. More than learning to restrain yourself in one particular area, fasting really enables one to practice holistic physical discipline...I'm realizing how much I have lapsed back into so much selfishness and a tendency to be consumed and controlled by the things of this world instead of maintaining control over them. So it's going to be helpful to have a season of intentional discipline and fasting. A reminder of my place in this world and a reminder of what the priorities should be in my life. Hmm what I said is all over the place...haha. Ayodele said it nice and succinctly though!

    1. Your thoughts don't seem scattered to me! We should definitely catch up, I'd love to hear about how your experience at St. Matt's is going. And of course other things :-). I'm sure hearing more of your take on Lent would be helpful. It is so easy to forget our place in the world, isn't it? And one of the reasons Lent appeals to me is that it gives the opportunity to practice self-discipline with a community to hold you accountable. Even though the Church community should do this year round, this time of special intentionality, seems very important. Talk to you soon Rachie!


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