Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Things this Week

by Becca Stadtlander
I loved this week. Kurt and my getaway to Bath was just what I needed - new scenery and a change of pace to help refocus a right perspective on life and our time here in England. Our trip also meant a three day work week - it's felt like the shortest week ever! Other wonderful things were talking to my mom, being given a load of free sushi (dinner last night, lunch for today and probably dinner again), winning a Twitter giveaway from Avant Ministries for the biography To the Golden Shore and booking tickets to Ireland in March, after which we realized we'll be flying in on St. Patrick's Day! I guess I should wear green this year. Pretty funny that I talked about Easter in my last blog post, totally skipping over St. Patty's. I won't be able to escape it now.

I'm feeling pretty loved right now. It's easily for me to loose sight of God's goodness though. And if there's one thing I've learned while being here, it's that ingratitude steals all my joy and peace. But God is sweet to us, even in our unfaithfulness; this week has been evidence. I'm really grateful that He is.

I've been enjoying Becca Stadtlander's illustrations this week. Isn't the one above lovely? I can never get enough of Anna Emilia either. My art board is proof.

Have a happy weekend!
Michaela Rae

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