Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sick Day, Rest Day, Best Day

Today I'm sick, mainly with a nose that thinks it's the next best thing since Niagara falls. You know, the drippy drip kind that catches you off guard when you're pouring cereal or wearing your husband's hoodie. Both bad combos, especially when you prefer milk and your husband's protective of his hoodie.

Although I already had the day off, I'm kind of glad for the sickness because I don't feel guilty for sitting on the couch all day. Somehow the tissues stuck up my nose to dam the roaring waters justify it. I'm enjoying my time on the couch developing my Photoshop skills (how do you like the new banner?), reading, adding Etsy listings and indulging in the woman cult that's Pinterest. Here are some links worth clicking.

+ Ann Voskamp's encouraging words on Lent
+ If you haven't seen her already, Maddie On Things
+ Still dreaming about yesterday's pancakes, this didn't help
+ Delicious looking Choco-coco Raspberry Granola
+ Bookmarking this Rug DIY for my future home
+ I made this for the second time, gone in a flash
+ A free download of The Recovery album

The best thing that happened today though, was my sweet childhood friend giving birth to a healthy baby boy. My heart is overwhelmed by joy for Hannah and her husband. I cannot wait to meet little Levi. I can't even imagine how cute he is. I mean, look at his parents!
Llore Photography
Michaela Rae

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