Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Week One, Full of Gratitude

My heart is full of gratitude for this week and for the year ahead. I love the feelings a new year brings of hope, anticipation and gratitude. A fresh outlook for a fresh start. As it has been for a couple years now, my goal is to be more intentional in 2012. Especially in the department of gratitude. So here are a few things that've blessed me this week.
Kurt and I took Monday to explore a new borough, something we love to do. We traveled North West to Richmond. A beautiful borough on the Thames, so unique and different from Wimbledon. It was cold but clear and bright - an extremely rare day. We wandered the historic streets and string-lit alleyways peeking in thrift stores and cafes. It gets me every time,  that renewed sense of wonder and excitement for being here and experiencing everything. I loved every minute of our exploration. Even the 7.5 mile walk home through Richmond Park, where we saw 16 deer peacefully lying, and Wimbledon Common, where we got our feet stuck in fresh mud and I screamed at a stick across the path that looked strangely like a snake (don't judge me I'm from Florida). Kurt told me I should name this blog post "There and Back Again, a Jaros Tale," I thought it a bit dramatic, but then again, I'm often that.

My sister Lindsey takes the best pictures. I love how soft and dreamy they are. It just so happens that she had the best subjects this week too - my two nephews. I just want to melt with every photo. I'm sure my sister Alicia will share some of these on her blog, so I don't want to steal all the fun, but I had to share some. I miss my family and I'm super grateful for every drop of closeness I can feel, even via photos.

Today I found the sweet memories of Kurt and my engagement a blessing as well. Again, major props to my sister for taking these photos (see them all here). She had flown from Florida to California to be there for our engagement and hid in the bushes taking photos until he proposed. The weekend we spent with her thereafter was such a blast. I love reflecting on how far Kurt and I have come and all the exciting times we've shared. Our trip to San Francisco and our engagement there are some of my favorite times. But it's amazing how much more in love we are now than we were then. Marriage is good for that. 

What's blessed your first week of 2012? Have any adventures? You can link them up here.

Michaela Rae


  1. Great pics! Doesn't Florida have geckos or some kind of lizard all over? I remember seeing a lot when I visited there once. I'm sure Kurt is thankful that your sister didn't see a stick that looks strangely like a snake when she was hiding in the bushes during the proposal. Looks like sweet memories. Happy new year!

  2. Haha, Joyce, Florida does have geckos, although I wouldn't say they're all over. I only recall seeing them once in awhile. So true about the proposal! Happy new year to you!


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