Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Beautiful Cookbook

I love the internet for cooking and baking. Just a couple clicks and you have hundreds of recipes to choose from. It's really convenient when you're in a rush or low on ideas. The internet can't take away from the magic of cookbooks though. There's something irreplaceable about them. You can hold, flip through and (literally) bookmark them. They bring memories with their bent pages and stains. They have photos, and I love a cookbook with beautiful photos. Couple amazing recipes with colorful food photography and I'm truly inspired. Some cookbooks even tell stories.

So when on Christmas morning I opened, From Season to Season by Sophie Dahl, I was pretty excited. This cookbook has it all. Her recipes, snippets on food and life along with Jan Baldwin's photos, all constellate a genuine story about changing seasons, creativity and love. Her bits on English life and use of British terms and foods also encourage me to continue embracing the culture here to the fullest.

I hope to try a couple recipes from each of her season sections this year. I'll be sure to share photos and thoughts. I've been on such an oatmeal kick the last week that I can hardly wait to try her porridge with poached plums.

Do you still use cookbooks? Which is your favorite?

Michaela Rae

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  1. Hi Michaela! My name is Mary Margaret. I'm a college student from Michigan! I stumbled across your blog last week and I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading it! It seems like you are living quite the adventure over there in London! Awesome!!!

    I actually LOVE cookbooks. I recently got one called Cook This, Not That from the library and it seems to be full of good (healthy!) recipes. I'd love to hear from you sometime! Take care! :)


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