Tuesday, January 10, 2012


"Home" is often used to refer to the place where we live or grew up - whether house, city or country. But today when I began to reflect on what "home" means to me, I realized it's also much greater than simply that. Home is where I belong, not temporarily, but permanently. And when I think of home in that light, it changes everything, especially my idea of hospitality.

Christians often talk about helping bring God's Kingdom, that place where we belong, on earth. And although hospitality is a new endeavor for me, I think my home is a good place to start.

The idea of being hospitable can be pretty intimidating. My gut instinct is to go into perfectionist mode - cleaning, baking, fluffing pillows! But that's not what hospitality is about (although, it's certainly part). Hospitality's about creating a physical place and atmosphere that resembles our eternal home. A place of friends, safety and rest. It's definitely not a place created by fake perfection. Rather, authenticity, vulnerability and worthiness help establish and maintain it. I don't know about you, but I definitely want those things to resinate in my home.

My most cherished memories are of feeling at home with brothers and sisters. Those times in college when we talked on comfy couches late into the night about any and everything. Conversations where we didn't hold back. We put ourselves, along with our deepest questions and concerns, on the table. We were honest and felt safe in it. We also weren't consumed with how often our glass was being filled or when the ceiling fan was last dusted (although those things are nice).

And isn't real fellowship one of the things that makes Christianity most appealing? That we could be fully known and still loved? Isn't it the desire we all share down deep? Isn't it the reason we blog, go to church or invite people over to begin with? And if not, isn't it what we want our reason to be?

Hospitality is at the core of Christianity. And it's not just for married women. It's for all of us, single or married, male or female, rich or poor, fancy home or tiny flat. Why? Because God's Kingdom was created for all of us and should be ushered in by us.

Michaela Rae
P.S. Last week I added Kurt and my love story here. Just incase you're in a sappy mood. ;)


  1. i loved this post, michaela. hospitality doesn't always feel like a high calling. too often, we see it as mundane, unimportant work. but it is such a gift! it is so important to bring the kingdom into our own homes, to share it with those we come in contact with. (have you read "the hidden art of homemaking" by edith schaeffer? it kind of touches on this whole idea...)

  2. Thanks Annie! I haven't read that book, another one I'll have to look into. My reading list is eternally long. :-P

  3. What a great post.. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Actually, I wrote an essay yesterday about hospitality and why it's so important. :)


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