Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shower Invites

I'm on the hunt for cute/unique cards to use as shower invites. I really love some of the things I've seen on MaeMae Paparie's blog & Snow & Graham's website. I'd be up for making them myself but I'm at a complete loss for time these days (hence no recent blogging).

Any suggestions for fun little paper announcements? I'd love to have some websites shot my way. I'm a sucker for anything with maps, cherry blossoms or ranunculus on it.

Photos via MaeMae Paperie



  2. Thanks Candace, some of those really are cute!

  3. How many invites will you guys need?

  4. And you could make this yourself! So cute to match your theme, and it involves maps and travel. Love it.

  5. Ok, last post:

    If you guys would like for me to make you a map garland for your wedding, I would be honored. Just let me know how many, what lengths, and I'll get started. I love making heart garlands.

  6. Just kidding. I clicked Candice's link and it reminded me of these amazing straws:

  7. Oh my goodness! Such great stuff Kaitlyn! I love the hear garlands. I looked at them some time awhile back & wanted to make them but haven't had the time. If you wanted to make some, I would love love love it! But of course, no pressure =).

    I really love the simplicity of these:

    I'm not sure what length I'd need, maybe 10ish feet if I wanted to drape them in front of our table or something. =)

    You are wonderful! I was so excited to read your comments.

  8. I can definitely make you a heart garland like the one you showed me. :) It would be my pleasure.


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