Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Appliqué Headbands

Since September I've kept my eyes open for the perfect hair accessories for my wedding. After finding a very simple and elegant veil on Ebay, I've been on the search for some type of embellishment for my hair for the reception. I think I've found my next project!

I found some DIY tutorials for lace appliqué headbands and I can't wait to try making one. They're exactly the look I'm going for. I like that they lay flat on your head, making it not too extreme of an accessory. It keeps with the simple yet elegant style I love. I also really like lace.

For Feature Wednesday, I want to show you an applique headband that Sara from Craft Snobs made. On her blog she explains exactly how easy, and inexpensive ($5!), it was to make. I especially love the gold and white colors. Thanks Sara!

Here are a few other pretty applique headbands. The bottom two I found on Etsy. Can you believe some of them are selling for over $100?! One of my favorite things about crafting is that you can make things for so much less than what you can buy them for.

Michaela Rae

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