Sunday, December 2, 2012

Merry Free Printables!

I've been on a free printables kick recently. There are so many cute (especially, holiday) ones on the net right now and I think it's the sweetest that designers are willing to share their talent for free. Here are of my favorites:

+ This, DIY Holiday Paper Reindeer Postcard & Tag from Eat Drink Chic.

+ HelloBee's, Notes of Thankfulness.

+ Holiday Gift Tags from Love vs. Design.

Country Jam Jar Labels by Ellinee.

+ Holiday Mail Stripe Gift Tags, another Eat Drink Chic beauty.

+ Love vs. Design, Ugly Sweater Tags.

+ Cute Ellinee Paper Bows for Christmas and in Fall colors.

+ Gift Tags & Star Charm DIY by Dotcoms for Moms.

The possibilities are endless for these. I'm currently using the Notes of Thankfulness daily; I fill one out and put it in a jar so that at the end of the month I can remember the ways I've been blessed. I'm also contemplating the DIY Reindeer Postcard as our Christmas card this year.

Have you found any cute printables? Are you using them for your holiday crafts or gift wrapping?

Michaela Rae

P.S. I've enjoyed my hiatus from blogging. I often see a correlation between my time spent online and how at peace I feel (less being more). I do plan, though, to update a bit more frequently now that things are settling down. There are also some exciting things ahead that I want to document and share with you!

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