Monday, October 8, 2012

Florida Nutshell

The last few weeks have been so full. I finally feel like I can sit down to summarize what's been going on now that we've seen all of our family and celebrated new nephews, birthdays and a wedding.

We just finished visiting Florida and are stopped in Memphis on our way back to the Chicago-area. It was great to have two full weeks of summer-like days with my family in Florida. We sweated it out at my sisters' volleyball games and my dad made hamburgers on the grill. I was able to take Kurt for his first Gulf of Mexico experience at St. George Island and it doesn't get much better than big fluffy clouds, just the right amount of sunshine and an empty beach. We built barricades against the waves, tried to dig up crabs and ate at BJ's - one of three restaurants on the island. We waited for the sunset while I showed him around the historic Apalachicola, a place that to me will always speak of seafood festivals and parades.

My dear friend Kaitlyn got married in Destin this past weekend and it was the best way to end our time in Florida. It was such a fun wedding to be part of, not to mention one of the most beautiful I've ever attended. Everything about it was "so Kaitlyn": thoughtful, creative and yet classic and put-together. The best part though was witnessing their love and seeing it translate in every detail. These are photos my sister Lindsey, who was also a bridesmaid, captured. They perfectly capture the joyeous atmosphere and loveliness of the wedding:

This photo by Sarah Ashley Peters
A photo of us from my camera.
Now for finding jobs and a place to call home. :-P

Michaela Rae

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  1. This wedding is so romantic and the beautiful photographs capture such amazing moments between the couple! How lucky they are to have these wonderful images to share with their friends and family. Perfection!


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