Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trends I'll Live Without (Part III)

Well, I'm back. Back with more fashion trends that make me cringe. I'm going to share four trends that this summer (what's left of it), and every summer, I vow to live without. You can see other horrible trends I've written about in Part I and Part II

Summer's when people get to show a little more skin, and that's fine by me, it gets hot out and I like wearing summer dresses too. The first two trends I'm about to share though have gone above and way beyond the call of duty this summer.

1. See-though shirts - Shirts serve a purpose, as do bras. A shirt's purpose is to cover up what your bra does not. A.K.A your back (or majority of it) and belly. If you're going to wear a shirt like this, why not walk around in your bra? Nuff said. Tanks are my friend.

2. Let your butt hang-out high-waisted shorts - You guys already know what I think of high-waisted shorts, so it shouldn't surprise you that I hate these. I've mainly seen teenage girls (try to) sport them, but still, what were their mother's thinking when they let them leave the house? If the crotch area hangs 5 inches below where the shorts cut off (or your butt hangs out in any shape or form), they're too short.

3. Mint overload - I love the color mint and was excited to see it make a return this summer until...girls started dressing in it from head to toe. Mint nail polish + colored jean + top + accessories = mint eyesore. I hope fall allows our eyes a rest.

4. Flatforms - Doesn't this ring Spice Girls to anyone else? Also, they look extremely difficult to walk in, but I can't speak from experience. Let's allow flats be flats and wedges be wedges and not try to marry the two, they obviously make uuugly kids.

What are your thoughts on these terrible trends? My favorite part about these posts is reading your funny feedback.

Michaela Rae


  1. I totally agree with all of your choices! Shorts, should be short not oh my gosh I see all of your goodies and wedges and flats even in geometry can't be the same so why in the world to people try to marry them?

  2. The see through shirt thing is dumb, but more specifically the fact that women now find it acceptable to leave their bra and everything else completely exposed. A sheer shirt with a tank top is kind of cute.

    I don't mind a less severe flatform, like these:

    I don't particularly like the crazy, top bun, sock bun thing that's in or the general internet obsession with detailed nail art. I also don't like the huge glasses thing. - Leah

    1. I wear a bun a lot recently, but mainly because it's been a year since my last cut. Ugh! It's killing me. The sock bun thing cracks me up though. But you're right, those ASOS flatforms aren't so bad, actually kind of cute. Thank you btw, I just realized I said "platform" instead of "flatform" in the post.

  3. I hadn't noticed the mint trend. But I'm also a stay at home mom who doesn't get out that often..I agree with everything you listed, great post!


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