Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Weekend in England

Our last weekend in the UK has come and gone and now it's really starting to sink in. We spent it right though, no doubt. 

Saturday we decided to venture back to a place we visited in January, Richmond upon Thames. Only this time everything was green, we weren't freezing our tushes off and we had a pleasant familiar feeling walking down the streets and along the river. We ate a typical British lunch by the Thames and then walked seven miles through Richmond Park and the Wimbledon Common back to our flat, just like last time. Except we got rained on, but we didn't care. It was perfect.

London skyline
Yesterday we went to our last church service and then spent the afternoon at Cannizaro Park for a picnic and games with friends. The weather was beautiful and it was so relaxing. We also had our last guest stay with us this weekend in our spare room. That room's been such a blessing this past year. I can't wait to have a new place in Chicago that we can share with people - hopefully with friends we've made here.

Last week I was freaking out a bit at the thought of leaving, but after this weekend I feel at peace and ready for the next leap. 

Michaela Rae

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