Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Update + Party Inspiration

Happy November and mid-week!
Today I was completely baffled by how quickly time is passing. I can hardly believe this year is almost over. So much has happened for me and looking back it seems like an eternity of experiences, but time proves otherwise. I really did plan a wedding, get married, visit over 26 states and move from California to London all in a matter of months. Whew.

In the wake of it all, it feels good to be finding a rhythm here. It also feels good to be getting in the Christmas mood a bit pre-maturely. I'll admit, I even listened to a few Christmas songs before Halloween. I blame it on the cold weather and my Florida body/mentality totally wanting to live it up. It could also be that I'm really excited for Kurt and my first Christmas together as a family (I like saying that). I know we'll miss everyone back home, but I think it'll be a sweet way to experience it.

Kurt is huge on Christmas, which is great, because my family wasn't and I want to make up for lost fun. I know I will with him. We hope to begin some really cool traditions in our family and it's fun to know that we can start from scratch and do whatever we want. What are some of your favorite things about Christmas and does your family have any unique traditions?

On a completely different subject, I spent time on Pinterest today and was inspired by all the garlands I came across (I even made a new board: Party Time). I want to share a few of my favorites.
Of course, I don't take credit for any of these photos. The original sources are available through my Pinterest board(s), just click the photos.
I need an excuse to spend a day making some of these.



  1. Growing up and to this day every Christmas Eve we ALL (from just my sister and parents and I to now 3 sisters 2 brothers and myself and my parents) spend the night under the Christmas tree and get to pick out just one present before bed.

    Usually these are secretly chosen by mom and dad and they turn out being PJs or something fun like that.

    I am holding off on Christmas music until the second it turns 12:01 am on the day after Thanksgiving. I LOVE it but love keeping it special! It also means that during the holidays I completely wipe my iPod and only add my 6GB of Christmas music!

  2. Aw, I love it! Kurt's family did something similar. The kids all slept in sleeping bags in the living room on Christmas Eve. I love that idea!

    It's true, I probably won't listen to any more Christmas music until after Thanksgiving. I don't want to burn myself out. I'm a pretty hardcore listener, haha.

  3. Ok, I need not to mention my love for bunting, do I? :-)))) Love, love, love!! Cheers, Igor xoxo

  4. I need an excuse to make these with you, via Skype. Honestly, I could make garlands all the live-long day.

  5. When Jordan and I got married, we wanted a few traditions that were our very own. I love that we have some things that are just for the two of us! We attend a carols service at the Anglican church in Tallahassee on the first Sunday night in December; it gives me chills just thinking about its beauty. It's a wonderful way to welcome in the season. We also take a trip to Target and we give ourselves five minutes to each pick out an ornament that represents the other person and/or the year we've had. (Jordan loves this one!) We also have a night where we go looking at Christmas lights, but with a twist: We have a list of "items" to be on the look out for, turning it into a scavenger hunt of sorts. Such a fun time of year; I can't wait! :)


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