Sunday, November 6, 2011

Northern Ireland Trip (in the works)

I've been mostly MIA from the social media world the last several days - a break is just good sometimes. It was nice to have more time for reading, painting of the nails, writing letters to loved ones back home and cleaning. But I'm pretty excited about something and wanted to quickly share.

Kurt and I have decided to plan a short trip to Northern Ireland for hopefully sometime this month. I've dubbed myself the trip researcher and have been spending time figuring out things to see and do. I'm really curious though, do any of you have recommendations? Or, if you were going, where would you want to visit? We'd like to find a cheap B&B and do some hiking and really anything outdoors - it'd be a nice break from the city life. Oh, and I want to see a legit castle (even remains will do)!

These photos have been getting me excited. I'm definitely going to put some Nickel Creek and other fiddly music on my ipod. :)
photos courtesy of google images
God's creation is incredible, isn't it?

I've got a couple blog posts in mind that I hope to share later this week. One on the new eating habits I'm trying to form and why and another on some of my favorite grocery products here that aren't in the US (most of which probably shouldn't be part of my new eating habits either).

Off to watch fireworks from our living room windows now...remember, remember the 5th of November! (Ever read up on why the British celebrate the 5th? It's quite awful. Then again, so are the origins of many a holiday.)



  1. I laughed out loud when you said "fiddly music." haha! I can't wait to see photos from your adventure. How incredible.

  2. I'm obsessed with chocolate pudding in the UK. There is some made by Aero which is practically like eating chocolate mousse, and then there is some that comes with toppings like Cadbury Buttons and Flake to mix in. You know like the yogurt you get with a little side tray with toppings? It's SO good. Their chocolate pudding is really silky and smooth. And not good for you.
    Another favorite UK food are the Fray Bentos pies that come in a can. Look for those and try their steak and ale pies. Delish.

  3. Did you go to Northern Ireland? I LOVE Northern Ireland [where my mum's was born and raised and my extended family is still over there]. :-D

  4. We haven't gone yet, I ended up getting a job for the holidays. We hope to go in the new year. I'll definitely post a blog when we do. :-)

  5. Enjoy it!! Last Christmas, my husband, daughter, mum, brother, sister-in-law, and I were over there for one week for my cousin's wedding. We had a day trip along the Northeast coast. It's gorgeous!! I'm hoping to post some pictures next week from that trip.


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