Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mica Café

When we decided on our little flat in Wimbledon, Mica Cafe quickly caught my eye. The name brought back fond memories from my time spent in Argentina for an internship. Friends I made there gave me the nickname Mica (mee-cuh) and I loved being called by it. Today I finally visited the cafe for brunch with Kurt; it was the perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the fall air and some good food. And boy was it good! I think I might just become a regular.
Afterward we peeked in the second hand bookstore next store. I love that place. It's so jam-packed with books it's ridiculous. They've run out of space on the shelves so books are stacked wherever there's room on the floor. I feel like I could get lost in that tiny store every time I go in.
Michaela Rae

P.S. I figured out how to use digital washi tape in photoshop. If you couldn't tell, I'm having fun with it. :-)

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  1. What a charming cafe and bookshop! One of my favorite things about moving is finding those little places you can fall in love with.

  2. What a cute little place! I love your hat, and I am glad to get updates through your blog. We miss you and are praying for you all over there.


  3. Mmmm...milkshake! Cute cafe! Are people telling you that you have a funny accent? =p

  4. So cute! I love little hole in the wall places that have great food/drinks!! I miss our favorite little coffee shop in Chicago that we loved so much!

  5. That looks like an amazing place to be a regular. :) And that book store is awesome.

  6. It's so true, having those couple places you love & are a regular at makes you feel more at home no matter where you are.

    Joyce, not so much actually. Maybe since London is so integrated they're just used to people having funny accents. :-P

    Christi, thanks! I miss you guys too. :-)

  7. bookstore for the win.Take me there when I come! I am already salivating. :P


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