Thursday, September 22, 2011

Settling in to Life in England

Ello from London!
The last few days have been a blur, but we've made it in one piece to our home for the next one, possibly three, years! We've been learning how to open a bank account/transfer funds, use the bus and tube system and the best way to flat hunt. Today's been exciting and I feel nearly recovered from jet-lag so I wanted to share some about it.

Yesterday we started to feel discouraged. All the flats we viewed were either out of our budget or too far from transportation. To make matters worse, most of the letting agents we spoke with were a little greasy. We weren't sure we could trust anything they said. But today the cloud finally broke over-head (actually, literally, it was sunny), we found a flat in Wimbledon. It's right across the street from the tube station, in an awesome part of town, on the main road full of shops and restaurants, has two bedrooms (something we definitely weren't expecting) and move in day's tomorrow! Kurt also excited that it's located above a Subway restaurant, haha. It's in need of cleaning and cute decorating, but all things considered, a great catch. I'll be sure to post pictures soon. It's such a relief to have a home.

After finding the flat we decided to venture into central London. The city is beautiful by night! A bit different than I expected but I love it. I snapped a few photos but I can't seem to load them now. I'll be more on top of things in the future. ;-)

England is beautiful. I knew from the moment I looked out the plane window, and saw all the clay-shingled roofs and luscious green below, that I'd like it. I've also been surprised by how friendly people are. I love all the conversations you have throughout the day on the tube, in the grocery store or waiting in queue. I definitely don't feel like a fish out of water as much as I expected I would.

Michaela Rae

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  1. YAY--a two bedroom flat! Don't fill the second room up...leave room for me to visit!! Seriously.
    Can't wait to see pictures. This all seems surreal.

  2. That sounds great!! I am glad you guys are settling in nicely.

  3. Cheers! If you're there for three stinkin' years, I'll definitely have to come and visit you two. Keeping my fingers crossed I can save up and visit both you and Kaitlin in one trip! Eeeek. God is good, and it's amazing to read these updates. For real.

  4. Wow!! That is quite an adventure! I'm glad you found a place. I have distant relatives in the London, so I look forward to visiting them some day. There seems to be some interesting sites there. Hope it will be a smooth transition.


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