Friday, September 16, 2011

Goodbye America, my home sweet home

Last night sitting in Cracker Barrel, perhaps the best American restaurant ever (don't even bother trying to refute it), the reality that on Monday Kurt and I will fly far away began setting in. We waited for over two months for my stupid visa to arrive and I thought it would never happen (which it didn't). I was antsy and frustrated. But now we're actually leaving and boy has the mood swung.

I really do love America. It really is my home sweet home. Oh don't give me a hard time, no I'm not a Americacandonowrongredwhiteandbluefriedchickenmashedtatters(okwellmaybe)patrioticfanatic. But, I love the familiarity and comfort of home. I've experienced living in another country. Yes, not for terribly long, but long enough to get a taste of culture shock and have those please, just give me a burger and fries and a slice of apple pie feelings.

Don't get me wrong, I'm beyond excited. I know we're in for one heck of an adventure. I would never have thought we'd have this opportunity. I'm excited for city-life, Euro culture, scarves and boots and accents and pints at the corner pub. But with every new phase in life there are goodbyes. Before all of the "hello, nice to meet you"s, there are so many "see you later"s and "I'll miss you"s...and those are hard.

Please pray that Kurt and I will be able to create a new type of home in London. Pray that in each other and in our little flat, we'll have a safe haven. Pray we can find the comfort of familiarity in the hearts of Christians we meet there. Pray we find community - where we can love and be loved.

Michaela Rae

P.S. I just need to mention, if you make the recipe below and are wondering about ways to use your left over Baileys...try Baileys iced coffee. It's perfect because it's sweet enough to substitute your cream and sugar. Or, try it over vanilla icecream. Mmmm...


  1. Hey, Mich! How can I NOT comment; i had a blog myself, here on Blogspot for a while and NO ONE read it so I gotta show you some love! I like your carefree, skippy writing style. It's really funny to me to read you talking about alcoholic beverages because when I knew you I think you were under-age, right? I'll never forget that time you held my hands and prayed for/with me in the parking lot, or the time we got written up for talking about God.
    I look forward to following your adventures.

  2. I'm so excited for you guys and I will definitely be praying for a good and smooth transition. I can't wait to come visit!! ;)

  3. I am so excited for you both and will keep you in my prayers. I know that there are great things and times ahead of you! Here is a lovely little post from a dear friend of mine you might relate to:

    Safe travels and the states and your Biola family will all be here when you get back! <3

  4. I came across your blog because of your sister. My cousin lives in England and is a teacher, but she's not in London, otherwise I might show her your blog. Hope you're settling in, and I LOVE Tesco. I have many happy memories from the British isles.

  5. Jan, thank you! I'm glad you found my blog. You're right, when we worked together I probably was underage. :-P I'm thankful for the time we had working together.

    Thanks for the lovely comments you all.


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