Thursday, August 18, 2011

Yarn Ink Stamp

This is my first Try New Adventures Thursday blog post! My sister Alicia came up with the idea and every week she and several of her readers share their new adventures. Since I always enjoy following them and already love trying new things, I figured it's time to jump in on the fun.

Several months ago I saw something similar to this online and the idea stuck with me. I came across some yarn in Kurt's closet today and decided to try making my own. Here's how it went:

I used one of my acrylic stamp blocks to wrap the yarn around. I imagine you could use any small block shaped item you may find around the house to do this, as long as you don't mind if it gets a little ink on it.

After wrapping the yarn around the block, I pressed my ink pad against it. I found that it's easier/less messy when you put the "yarn stamp" on the table and press the ink pad down onto it instead of vise versa. 

I just looped the loose end of yarn under another piece to hold it in place.

Pretty fun huh? I want to play around with it more to see what different types of style & color variations I can make. 

Have you ever made your own rubber or yarn stamp?

Oh, and speaking of new adventures and stamps, Claire (Kurt's mom) and I are going to a Rookie Rubber Stamp Workshop at Paper Source this coming Saturday. I'm really excited about it!! I'll let you know how it goes. 

Michaela Rae


  1. Very fun! Makes for some super cute personalized stationary.

    {visiting from Alicia's blog!}

  2. That is so cool!! I love the ink color and how it turned out. :)

  3. Yay! The fact that you linked up made me smile really really big!!!

    Cute stamp...I've never made one in my life, not even with potatoes!

  4. Thanks ladies! Hahah, Alicia I figured you'd be pleased ;). I've never made a potato stamp but I want to. I've also heard of people making stamps out of apples.


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