Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shoes, Chicago, Easter

Kurt and I fly red-eye to Chicago tonight, but instead of having laundry, packing or homework on my mind, I have shoes!

I'm on a mission to find wedding shoes. Some people spend hundreds of dollars on shoes they'll only wear for five hours, that's certainly not my goal. I want cute shoes that I'll wear for the wedding and after whenever I want. There are really only three things I'm looking for, 1) comfortability, 2) flats or very low heel, 3) yellow or blue in color.

Last week I ordered some yellow flats off Amazon for $30. I liked them but they were too large & today I'm shipping them back. I think I might try some Dessy flats next. I like these a lot:

Here are some other cute ones I've seen online but haven't been able to find in stores:

Do you know of any websites that sell affordable colorful flats?

I'll be checking in from Chicagoland. Happy Easter! :-)

Michaela Rae


  1. DSW is always a good choice. And Piperlime.

  2. im in the same search with only weeks left :(

  3. I actually ended up going with some lace flats from Aldo ( that matched my dress. I was a bit disappointed that I wasn't able to find anything in blue or yellow, especially since by June and July I saw colorful flats everywhere! But I guess that's how it goes =P. I'm still wearing the lace ones & they were SO comfortable.

  4. those shoes are very beautiful!!!


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