Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Story Time

As a newbie to crafting, I have an amusing story to share. Awhile ago I got really excited about making a wallet. I found a simple tutorial online and found the perfect fabrics and button to fasten it with. For an entire day I sewed away, following the tutorial religiously. As the final steps approached, I began to wonder why my wallet was so large. When I say large, I mean, not clutch size, but rather small purse size. I scratched my head and began to trace my steps to see if I'd missed a measurement. Suddenly I realized a small discrepancy...the measurements were reading in centimeters, not inches. The entire tutorial used the metric system.


Perhaps I'll attach some pictures later. It's hilarious only because it's huge, but because it's extremely floppy. But not all is lost, I plan to cut the "wallet" in a way that I can reuse it & make ~2 or 3 proper wallet size wallets!

Do you have a funny crafting stories?

~Michaela Rae


  1. haha, Oh man. You're adorable. Turn it into a cute little purse with a dainty chain? Just salvage it. So much hard work!

    Post a photo soon, please. :)

  2. that sounds sort of cute, in a strange way. I'd like to see a photo for sure!

    p.s thanks for the comment :)


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