Wednesday, August 15, 2012

15 Days + Links

In my post last week I mentioned that we only have three weeks left in England, and I keep wanting, everyday, to believe we have three weeks left. Always three weeks. Yesterday I made my first attempt to accept it - not three weeks but 15 days - by sorting through my basket of craft supplies and scraps. It's time to start deciding which things to leave and which to cram into one of four suitcases.

In the meantime (ahem, often procrastination time), I've been enjoying some lovely things here on the interweb.

Map Art DIY by little chief honeybee. I've seen a lot of map tutorials and now it's just a matter of choosing which one I want to try. I like that Kaelah uses Photoshop to make the perfect heart shape and that her images are screen shots from Google Maps. I'd wondered how to find the perfect map pieces.

Healthy Mexican Sweet Potato Skins by pinch of yum. I made an adapted version (Kurt doesn't like peppers or beans) of these on Monday and oh my goodness, DELICIOUS!

These last two are my favorite.

How to Really Live Part 1 and Part 2 by Ann Voskamp. I always enjoy her posts, but these were especially beautiful and convicting.

Tethered by Jodi Ink, is a moving post about the changing tides of motherhood. I told her that although I don't have children yet, her vivid words made me begin to feel the struggle in my own heart.

Sometimes I feel dry and as though I don't have much to contribute to the world of blogging, but I'm glad I'm part of it because I'm so blessed by reading posts like these. And if somewhere along the way I can bless someone too, then it's especially worth it.

Michaela Rae


  1. Both my husband and I loved that post that Jodi wrote. And don't think you're dry and aren't contributing to the blogging world. I've learned a lot from your posts. And I am always encouraged by the things you share!


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