Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wedding Reflections | We're in this Together!

I used to fantasize about the moment I'd walk down the aisle and see my sweet fiancé waiting to become my husband. I'd wonder about his face, whether he'd be smiling or crying. To be totally honest though, I can't remember what face my soon-to-be husband was making (that's what photographers are for!). What I do remember, is something I cherish beyond the words I can provide here. I remember being overwhelmed with the realization that I was loved. Not only by the man waiting for me, but by everyone gathered to witness our marriage. Never in my life had all the people I cared most about been in one place, for me. As soon as I saw their smiling faces everything began to go blurry amid tears. I was expecting Kurt's love, I wasn't expecting so much love from everyone else. Until you've walked the aisle, it's hard to comprehend how special and rare that feeling is.

As I'm sure the majority of engaged couples do, Kurt and I talked about eloping...a lot. And I think the idea became more and more appealing as the wedding drew closer. When you're dropping money like it's nobody's business and feeling the pressure to make different people happy all at once (yourself being the toughest to please), I think it's natural. It's true that in the end what really counts is saying your vows, but I also realized having family and friends witness those vows is extremely important too.

Having friends and family there set the stage for the rest of our marriage; it was a public declaration saying, "Hey, you guys are in this with us!" We desperately need community and the accountability that comes with it, and that doesn't end with marriage. Kurt and my marriage isn't perfect, and it never will be. We'll always need encouragement, confrontation and maybe some day the reminder that you witnessed our decision and are ready to hold us to it. We'd be crazy to try doing this on our own.

Sometimes we feel alone, especially being across the Atlantic and all, but whenever I think back on our big day I'm reminded that I could call any number of people and they'd be there to help. I'm so thankful that our marriage started with that incredible reminder that we are loved and supported.

You can probably expect more posts this month about marriage and our first year, just bear with me! ;)

Michaela Rae

Photos by Woodland Fields Photography


  1. This was wonderful. I recently read a great reflection post on this that you might enjoy: I realize almost two years in how important it is to understand that marriage is not about perfection, and the wedding day details don't matter nearly as much as the people who form your support group. Seeing my newlywed friends really struggle to come to terms with that makes me sad and I don't know how to impart my knowledge to them. This second year has been way easier than the first.

    1. Thanks Leah, and I did enjoy that post! As much as I like Pinterest, I'm kind of glad I wasn't on it while planning my wedding.

  2. This makes me want to actually have a wedding, when I've always said I want to elope. Thanks so much for a sweet insightful post :)

  3. Such a great post! Love your wedding photos! We can definitely relate to wanting to elope in the midst of wedding chaos. The ceremony and the support of everyone around was way worth it though!


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