Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Love Story: McKenzie Jean

I'm currently living it up in Ireland right now (no biggy), but I'm excited that McKenzie Jean from Basil agreed to share her sweet love story with you today. After reading, do hop on over to her blog and show some love. :-)

Hello, future friends!
(I figure, if I started it off like that, oozing confidence, we'll just have to end up friends, right?)

I'm Mckenzie Jean, from Basil.

Michaela asked to share a story with you all, a loooove story! oo la la!

What girl doesn't like a good love story?!
If you're one of them, tough luck. This is how I roll. 

I met my husband at the lunch table in our high school cafeteria.
Immediately after we were introduced, we didn’t stop talking or laughing
the rest of the class period. Turns out we went to the same Elementary,
Junior High, and High School and never met.  
(We would attend the same college, as well.)

When that school bell rang at the end of lunch,
the friend who had introduced us an hour earlier finally got a
chance to cut in and say, “Why don’t you two just get married?”

She was definitely on to something.
It didn’t take long before we were dating.

I was the goody two shoes Christian girl, and he
was the tattooed, long-haired, Robert Plant look alike that my parents
were not to excited about their daughter dating. They let us have our
fun, though, and it didn’t take long for him to win them over!

When I went away to college, he waited oh so patiently until he could join me a year later.
When I headed off to Greece for the semester to
study art, he sent me on my way with a box of letters he had sealed and
dated for every day that I would be gone, 99 letters total (I still have each and every one!).

When he wanted to propose, he drove 8 hours to ask my fathers permission before doing so.

We dated for over 4 years before he popped the
question with a stone that had belonged to his mother and the same box his father had used.

We got married 6 months and 1 day later.

It’s no surprise when I say I’ve been dreaming of my future
husband since I was a little girl. I spent one night before I met David
writing down a list of everything I wanted in a boy. My dream boy was to
be a musician, a skateboarder didn’t hurt, either, (oh come on, we’ve
all been through that phase!)
, he’d have long blonde hair, green eyes,
and be completely hilarious, among other things. David was every single
thing on that list, down to his blonde curly hair and big green eyes! He
blesses my heart every single day. 
(I know God had a hand in this match!)

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