Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Trends I'll Live Without (Part II)

I enjoyed the feedback I got on my first Trends I'll Live Without post (lots of chuckles) and have since realized some items that belong on the list as well, so here goes!

5. Leggings as Pants - Not sure if it's just a British trend, but since moving it seems the leggings-as-pants wearers are everywhere. And every time I see them I wonder if they accidentally forgot their trousers at home. It just makes me feel all awkward. The crazy Indian-like patterned ones are the worst.

6. Fake Oversized Glasses - I'm afraid I might loose some friends over sharing this one. What can I say, it seems silly to wear fake glasses to begin with, but then make them two sizes too large and I'm just confused. Guess I'm a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to oversized sunglasses though.

7. Platform Stilettos - These have been around for awhile but I've never voiced my distain. You won't see me in heels that often to begin with (although I do like some), but you definitely won't ever see me in these hooker status platforms. Besides, I'm pretty sure I'd break both my ankles. They look painful. Do men find these attractive?


8. Knee-high Socks - Unless worn with boots, these mainly remind me of the Raggedy Ann doll I had growing up. And I'm pretty sure miss Ann can pull them off better than anyone I've ever seen. But if you're going to wear them, do the whole shebang - piggtales and all. 

If you happen to be sporting your knee high socks and stilettos today, please don't take offense; it's all in good humor. In my first post I said maybe I'd come up with a list of my favorite trends, but I think this is way more fun.

What do you think of these trends, and the first four I shared? Am I right on or horribly wrong? I certainly don't claim to be much of a fashionista. 

Michaela Rae

{photos via Pinterest, see my boards here}


  1. Ha I agree with t everything except some of the platform stilettos, I like them. The fake glasses are the worst to me, I don't see any point in them lol and the leggings are bad, ESP when very large women wear them.

  2. I don't mind that glasses are oversized, but it is strange that it's become a trend. Actually, though, since I have to wear glasses, it's nice that people now think it's the cool thing to do. - Leah

  3. Ooooh, the leggings are baaaaaad.
    However, I have a friend who pulls off the platform stilettos amazingly well. Although you wouldn't catch me in them. Ha!

    1. It's true, some look better in platforms than others. And at least they have a range. I might even wear some lower ones. :-P

  4. Sometime, I think you should put on as many of these fashion faux-pas items as you can at one time and then post a picture of yourself as the model. Think about it.

    1. If you were here and went shopping with me I'd be all for it. You could be my photographer. I'm loving that idea right now, haha!

  5. I like platform heels! Though, I don't think I own any. I do own stilettos though, and those are fun. High heels are fun period...unless you have to walk a distance.

    Leggings- I think their cute. Some folks can pull them off I'm sure. The photos that you chose are terrible though! lol. Poor gals.

    Fake glasses period are stupid. At least big shades serve a purpose. Now if they are real glasses and their big I guess I can't complain! Some people do look cute. Its an 80's thing.


  6. Found you through Basil blog, your love story is sooo cute!!

    I totally agree with this, well most of it, i sport the big glasses but mine aren't fake!! I don't get fake glasses in general so i am with you on that one :)

    Platform heels give me the creeps, im not sure its worth a sprained ankle ha!

    totally love this post!

  7. I like the leggings!
    I don't think I'd ever be brave enough to actually wear them out though. I'd be too afraid I looked like a stuffed Orka whale. Found you through Mckenzie. Your guest blog is precious!

  8. i agree, those are styles to avoid i think.

    also, definitely watch fantastic mr. fox. its worth it and its supper short :)



  9. Again, I wonder how you're still friends with me after posts like this... haha, if only you could visit my closet from time to time.

    Actually, the only trend I'm bending is the fake glasses thing. But, you know me, I study in 'em, and I use them when I'm feeling like I need to be my nerdy alter ego and use a stuffy-nose voice. haha. It's a pasttime for Harbor and me... we're obviously a very thrilling couple.

    1. Kaitlyn, you are one of very few who can pull off some of these and still be cute. And even if you couldn't, and wore all four at once, I'd still be your friend. ;)


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