Thursday, December 15, 2011

A Merry Little Cross-cultural Christmas

If my lack of posting doesn't speak for itself, the last two weeks have been really busy. I can't believe how fast this month is passing! Kurt and I got our little 3ft tree up. It's white and I love how bright and jolly it is. I also hung our stockings and sparkly snowflakes in the windows. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, a very special cross-cultural one. We have yet to visit Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park or try the infamous Christmas Pudding, but you can count on hearing about those in the near future.

After work the other night I made the best sugar cookies, you must try this recipe. I wanted to use my Christmas cookie cutters but the dough was too gooey (I think because I used caster sugar instead of regular white sugar). All the same, they were really delicious and super easy. I'll be making more. What's your favorite Christmas cookie recipe to use cutters with?

My favorite part of this week has been receiving packages and Christmas cards in the post. It's so exciting! We already have 5 packages from family around our tree. Although it's different and sad at times, being away from family has a great way of helping you realize how blessed you. I'm really grateful for my family. It's especially fun to have twice the family this year. :-) We're feeling the love here in England.

Michaela Rae

P.S. My second favorite part of this week has been enjoying Sleeping At Last's free Christmas album, if you haven't already, you should download it.

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  1. I can totally relate to the busy Christmas season!! I haven't even gotten around to making sugar cookies yet, so you are ahead of me!! Your little tree is super cute!!

  2. Love your decorations! We use that exact recipe. We've only made them into balls (just because I'm too impatient =p hehehe), and haven't done cutouts yet, but I think putting the dough into the refrigerator for a half hour to an hour would make it easier to work with. =)

  3. We have the exact same glittery snowflakes! Except mine are silver. And I hung them the same way from our windows. Awesome!

  4. Thanks for the Sleeping at Last tip. I love them!

  5. Shalom, that's hilarious. We found them at a place called Wilko here. We have red & silver in the windows.

    Joyce, thanks for the tip. I'm sure if I use regular sugar and put them in the refrigerator for awhile it'd work out a lot better.

  6. Oh caster sugar! Good memories.

    And Christmas Pudding is an interesting experience. Make sure you get a good one. And set it alight!

  7. Reading about caster sugar brings back memories of my Granny's kitchen! She would bake every single day, except on Sunday. The smells were delightful. Enjoy your Christmas, even if it's away from your family.


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