Sunday, November 27, 2011

St. Mary's

Kurt and I have been wondering for weeks now about the steeple we can see from our living room windows. So today we took advantage of my day off and the beautiful crisp and clear weather to find the church. We set off in the general direction and decided to try finding it without the help of a map. We found the church, St. Mary's, in no time and met the kind old man who works on its premises. We chatted for some time while he gave us a thorough history of it (and England, haha). From the hill the church is built on you can see an awesome view of greater London. We spied the Wimbledon Tennis courts below and decided to walk down to them.

When the sun had set, our faces were numb and noses running, we headed back feeling oh so jolly. It's incredible what a little cold fresh air, change of scenery and time with the hubby can do!

Steeple from our window
I hope a tree grows out of my grave
The white blob is the Wimbledon tennis court
Wimbledon Village
What fun things did you do this weekend?

Michaela Rae

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